We need to acknowledge the value of yoga for our kids. It has numerous advantages for their physical, mental, and emotional growth. It lays the groundwork for leading a healthy lifestyle by encouraging awareness and appreciation for one's body, breath, and environment. Additionally, it results in better bedtime routines and of better quality sleep.


Shloka recitation introduces children to their cultural and spiritual heritage, fostering a sense of connection to their traditions and values from a young age. Memorizing shlokas requires repetition and practice which helps improve children's memory retention skills and cognitive abilities. Shloka recitation is known to have a calming effect on children.


Poster making

Children are encouraged to use their imaginations and creativity when creating posters, which is a cooperative activity that promotes cooperation and teamwork. Children get the opportunity to learn about many countries, customs, and viewpoints by making posters on a variety of subjects. It fosters a more profound comprehension of the environment they live in.

Finger painting

Children can use finger painting to discover various colors, textures, and feelings through touch, which enhances their sensory development. Additionally, it contributes to the development of fine motor skills, which are necessary for writing, drawing, and buttoning clothing.It is a calming and therapeutic activity for the kids to express their emotions through art.



Craft activities offer a multitude of benefits for children's development, fostering creativity, cognitive skills, emotional well-being, and social interaction & much more. Craft provides an outlet for self-expression and creativity, allowing children to process their feelings, regulate their emotions and manage stress or anxiety.


Children that take part in theatre activities gain excellent verbal and nonverbal communication abilities. Children's motor abilities, coordination, and physical health are all enhanced by the movement, dance, and physical expression that theatre frequently provides. It educates kids to approach obstacles with positivity.


Curating The Best Experience For The Tiny Buds With All Necessary Amenities

Designed to help children realize their potential

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Language and Literacy Skills

Our language & literacy skills provide the foundation for effective communication, critical thinking, creativity, empathy, and lifelong learning.

Social Skills

Social skills enable children to form meaningful relationships with peers, family members, teachers, and others. By nurturing social skills from an early age, children develop the foundation for positive social interactions.

Creativity and Imagination

Learning the art of creativity and imagination would help the kids to think broader and explore their talents , this skill set can be fostered by providing activities such as art, music , singing , and much more.

Cognitive Skills

From puzzles to patterns, cognitive skills are the building blocks of young minds, we are all about nurturing young intellects to think critically, reason logically, and dream big.

Emotional Skills

Emotional skills help children develop self-awareness, enabling them to recognize and understand their own emotions, thoughts, and reactions. Learning this skill set can help the children express their thoughts and emotions in a healthy way .

Early Science and Discovery Skills

From tiny bugs to towering trees, there's a world of discovery waiting to be explored, from hands-on experiments to awe-inspiring discoveries, early science sparks wonder and fuels curiosity in young minds.

Curating The Best Experience For The Tiny Buds With All Necessary Amenities

Young Toddlers



Our Programs

Half Days

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Half Days

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Our Playgroup is a magical place where little hearts are nurtured, minds are enriched, & every moment is a joyful celebration . It is the first step towards your child's education, a place to grow, learn, and create cherished memories. At Aarambha , every day is an opportunity to explore, discover, and dream big for all the kids.



Welcome to our nursery school family, where every child's happiness and development is our first priority.From snuggles to crayons, our nursery school is a warm haven of love, laughter, and learning. In our vibrant environment, every child is celebrated, cherished, and encouraged to shine.


Day Care



LKG is essential for the initial years of a child since it develops essential skills, fosters a love for learning, and provides a solid educational foundation, all of which help kids get ready for their transition to higher grades. At Aarambha, we offer a loving and caring atmosphere where kids feel secure, appreciated, and respected.



Through hands-on activities, examinations, and interactive learning opportunities, UKG exposes kids to a broader range of basics, including numbers, shapes, measurements, the environment, and community helping professionals. Kids learn how to take tests, follow instructions, and demonstrate their understanding of concepts, building confidence and resilience in facing academic challenges.


Day Care

Day care provides a secure and reliable environment for the children while their parents are occupied with work . We have trained caretakers who provide regular meals, naps, playtime, and learning activities & guidance to the children. Our day care center is the perfect place for your kids to learn, grow, and thrive.


Our Montessori school provides a unique teaching method that focuses on children's holistic development. The classrooms are furnished with carefully designed resources that encourage hands-on exploration and discovery, enabling deeper understanding of concepts.


Summer Camp

Our Summer camp offers a unique and enriching experience ,Parents don't stress out anymore on how to keep your kids engaged in the summer holidays. Aarambha has a great summer camp to keep the kids engaged with great learning activities like arts and crafts, magic with science, music & dance, games, yoga, and amazing educational activities, and much more.


Kindergarten is an important stage in a child's education and overall growth. Kindergarten exposes children to a variety of cultures, opinions, and experiences, encouraging cultural awareness, tolerance, and respect, which enhances their cognitive and emotional development.

We welcome kids into our 2 to 6 years program based on their birth year.

We are here to shape your kids at every stage of their life.

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