Day Care

Day care provides a secure and reliable environment for the children while their parents are occupied with work . We have trained caretakers who provide regular meals, naps, playtime, and learning activities & guidance to the children. Our day care center is the perfect place for your kids to learn, grow, and thrive.


Key Areas of Focus in Day Care!

Emotional Expression

Emotional expression is an essential life skill,Learning emotional expressions lays the foundation for your children's long-term happiness and achievement in life.

Creative & Innovative

We bring out the creative & innovative side of your kids, making them learn in unconventional ways. This helps the kids to explore their interests, passions, and talents.

Fun Learning

At Aarambha , we have meticulously designed the curriculum in such a way that it would make your kids fall in love with the learning process. Your kids are going to love the time they spend at Aarambha.

Qualified Staff

We understand our responsibility in molding every kid’s personality , hence we have got the best qualified staff at Aarambha , who pays close attention to each and every kid .

We are here to shape your kids at every stage of their life.

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